What are the Deadlines for Serving a Pre-Lien Notice Letter on a Residential Project?

Contractors Who Were Hired by the Property Owner

If you were hired by the property owner, then you are not required to serve a pre-lien notice letter before you can file a lien against the property. Click here to File A Lien.

All Other Subcontractors or Suppliers Who Were Not Hired by the Property Owner

Anyone who was not hired by the property owner must send written notice of the unpaid balance by registered or certified mail to the property owner by the 15th day of the second month following each month in which all or part of the labor was performed or material (including specially fabricated material) was delivered to the project.

Note that the time period to serve a pre-lien notice letter on residential construction is one month sooner than a commercial project and there is only one pre-lien notice letter required.

If the 15th falls on a Sunday or a legal holiday, then serve the letter on the preceding business day to ensure that it has been sent timely.  Click here to Serve A Pre-Lien Notice Letter.